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Java Workstation Configuration
for Java Development Environment - Windows

bullet Create the directory structure
bulletapps (for your Java tools)
bulletdevel (for your Java coding projects)
bulletdepl (for deploying your Java projects)
bulletdata (for project data)
bullet JDK 6 Update x (x is the actual JDK sub-version number)
bulletJDK goes into c:\_home\apps\java\jdk1.6.0_xx (xx is the update number)
bulletJRE goes into c:\_home\apps\java\jre6
bullet Java SE 6 Documentation
bulletInstall into c:\_home\apps\java\jdk-6-doc\docs folder
bulletuncompress into this folder (xx is the update number)
bullet The latest NetBeans IDE 'Java SE', 'Java', or 'All' download bundles
bulletNetBeans IDE goes into c:\_home\apps\netbeans 6.x.x (x is sub-version numbers)
bulletTomcat and Glassfish servers
bulletc:\_home\apps\Tomcat 6.x (x is the actual Tomcat's sub-version number)
bulletc:\_home\apps\GlassFish 3.x.x (x is sub-version numbers)
bullet Create Windows system environment variable
bulletJAVA_HOME=c:\_home\apps\java\jdk1.6.0_xx (xx is the update number)
bullet Update Windows PATH system environment variable
bulletadd the following string to the end of PATH variable:
bullet CLASSPATH system environment variable
bulletadd the following string to the end of PATHPATH variable:
bullet Additional Software
bulletAdobe Acrobat Reader
bullet Books


Last Modified: November 17, 2011